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Wyatt Earp Lawman

Wyatt Earp was many things in his life, most notably a famous lawman in towns like Wichita, Dodge City and Tombstone.  Wyatt, at different times in his life was also a constable, city policeman, county sheriff, teamster, buffalo hunter, bouncer, saloon-keeper, gambler, brothel owner, miner, boxing referee, and motion picture consultant.

William H. Bonney better known as "Billy The Kid" from the famous tin-type picture that was historically  and inaccurately printed in the reverse leading everyone to believe that Billy The Kid was Left handed.  The 1958 Movie "The Left Handed Gun" starring Paul Newman as Billy, was written based on the tin-type showing Billy to be left handed.


Bringing to life perhaps the greatest, certainly the most storied time in our countries history, The Cowboy Posse out of LaGrange, Kentucky does it as well as anyone.  Based on historical accounts of how law and order was brought about during the westward expanison of the New World.  Daring Lawmen facing equally daring despererado's, men who had become lawless, willing to rob, steal, or kill, anyone who would dare try and cross their paths.  Names like Wyatt, Virgil and Morgan Earp testify to the dangers of pinning on a badge.  Names like Jesse James, Ike Clanton, Bill Doolin, John Wesley Hardin, were their nemesis' and complete the picture. Who were the heroes and who were the outlaws?  Who hit the "Owl Hoot Trail" destined for prison, the noose or the business end of a 44 slug?


Who's who in the American West Story?

BELOW ARe pictures of THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND the UGLY.  These MEN AND WOMEN OF the old west all possesed LEGENDARY SKILL AND daringbut SOME were just plain dirty rotten scoundrels who are now just a footnote in the history that was "The Old American West".